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Colour Analysis

ColorMode by The Bodylabs

Colour Analysis adds to the style and self-expression of an individual. The correct use of colour, make-up, clothes and design has a positive influence on people . The self-image is improved, and the individual feels better, more balanced and makes a positive impression.

The aim of a colour analysis is not to create a picture perfect result. The aim is to bring out the BEST YOU. It does not paste a layer around somebody, but uses the best aspects. It discovers the beauty in every one. Free from the dictation of fashion, the individual can make a personal choice to reflect their characteristics.

How we look, is seen on the outside. But colour and style are more. It also reflects our inside and expresses how we feel about ourselves.

It works the other way around too. If we present ourselves, knowing that we look at our best, we feel an increase in self-worth and confidence. This improves the way we present ourselves and how we are perceived by others. This further enhances our self-esteem and our feeling of well-being.

During a colour analysis session, the system makes use of colour maps that are draped on the client. The client is sitting in front of a mirror, and can see the results as they are being analyses by the consultant. Seeing the transformations appear in the mirror can work very stimulating.

An individual session typically takes around 30 min, a group session of 4 clients will last around 60 min.

a bit of history

The discoverer of the relationship between colour harmony and the appearance of people is Johannes Itten. Johannes Itten was involved in the Bauhaus movement of the twenties. He described his distinctions in “the colour harmonies of the four seasons”.

In the seventies his work was further developed, adapted and commercialised by the American “Colour Me Beautiful”. In the nineties, the then existing systems were tailored to the European market by “First Impressions” in England and moves away from the system using the four seasons.

ColorMode in The Netherlands then developped it into the system with its ComCards®. The ColorMode system distinguishes between 78 colour types.

Well Balanced introduced this system into the UK and Bodylabs now able to offer this as an additional service to its clients and is certified by ColorMode.

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