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health at work

healthy workforce = healthy company

why corporate wellbeing…..?

Investing in a comprehensive Wellness programme can gain real return on the company's bottom line :- · Decreased absenteeism (by as much as 16%) · Better morale · Improved corporate relations · Reduction in staff turnover · Improved recruitment prospects · “Generator” for healthier staff · Lower insurance premiums · Low risk in disability retirements · Greater industrial relations · Optimal employee output From a CBI study launched 2003/2004, absenteeism alone cost the British government and industry over £12bn each year.

health & fitness on-site

We currently offer a range of services to the workforce including :- Low to high impact fitness classes Exercise and Lifestyle coaching.

Worker at desk

"A company's health is only as good as that of its workforce".- Sir Terry Leahy, Chairman of Tesco.

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