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who we are and what we do

What ever suits you and when it suits you

Now-a-days we all have to endure stress on many different levels, making it sometimes difficult to relax, concentrate and cope with things in our direct and indirect environment. Trying to fit in a fitness regime can add to the stress and lead to feelings of guilt when it doesn't work out. However, adding regular activity to your schedule has proven to improve quality of life, both physically and mentally.


At The Bodylabs, we believe in approaching it one day/ one session at a time. We will help you find a way to fit your fitness and wellbeing goals around your life. It should be fun and become something you are looking forwards to doing.


Our goal is to help you find the best way for you to relax and improve your general level of fitness and wellbeing. We provide equipment, professional instruction, coaching and mentoring at a range of community, leisure, business centres (involving onsite activity for corporate employees) and we even will come to your home. As part of our mission we continue to look for more ways to give you easy access to fun activities that work around your life.


Our main activities evolve around group exercise classes. Doing an activity with a group of like-minded people works very motivational. The sessions are well planned-out throughout the year, designed to give you the opportunity to work on your personal fitness and well-being goals and promote general progress for all individuals in the group.


And off course, at a time when we are all trying to strike a balance between saving money and deciding what is essential spend, group exercise classes are cheaper than personal sessions.


What we stand for

A Dutch saying states:

To change the world, change yourself!

And at The Bodylabs we try to help you achieve this in 3 steps:


We help you to discover that movement is FUN! Your body was designed to move and play. Through movement you are able to (re)connect your body and mind. You will start to understand how your body reacts and what you can do stay healthy and happy.


Listening to what your body tells you will help you make choices that will make you feel better - both short and long term. You will start to understand what kind of activity you and your body enjoy, what kind of fuel it needs and when your stress levels need addressing. Your body is your best guide to lifestyle choices. You know that living life comes with ups and downs and that the occassional injury or illness is just part of that. And when you do need medical/ professional help, you will be able to be specific about your complaints and your progression back to health.


Once you start to live better in your own body, you start to create a better environment around you. You will want to involve the ones you love, your family and friends and thus have an impact on your community. What starts small can grow into something really big.

The Bodylabs' owner - Miranda de Vries (Dip. PT, MT)

On 1st July 2008 Miranda de Vries took over The Bodylabs, merging her Well Balanced company (founded in 2003) with the activities of The Bodylabs. It is the company's mission to assist clients with finding fitness and well-being in a way that suits their lifestyle and is taylored to their needs and special requirements. It is Miranda's believe that getting and staying fit should be fun and is achievable for everybody.

In 2002 Miranda's career in fitness started at Premier Training with their Personal Training and Massage Therapy Diploma course, which she completed in 2003. After that many courses followed, incl. Exercise to Music, Future Fit's Pilates Mat work, Intermediate and Advance, Life coaching, speciality in Older Adults, Exercise for Stroke.

Last year, she became the first instructor outside of the USA trained to teach FlexAware(r) and FlexAware(r) Pilates sessions.


Miranda mainly teaches Pilates, FlexAware and Aquafit classes. For the latest schedule of the classes, please refer to the classes and schedules section.


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