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Beginner Exercises for Stability Ball

Getting you started

To help you select the right size of ball, sit on the stability ball. When seated, the angle in your knees should be 90 degrees (a straight hook).

If you find these exercises very challenging in the beginning, you can deflate the ball a little to give you slightly more stability.

Sit on the ball and move pelvis back/forth, sideways and around


1) Seated arm raise
Sit in neutral position. Slowly raise one arm without any movement in the ball. The only movement is in the arm. Lower arm and raise other arm.
* Progression: try raising 2 arms at the same time.


2) Seated 1 leg raise
Sit in neutral position. Slowly slight 1 foot forward without any movement in the ball. At the end lift up the leg. Lower leg and slowly slight foot back.
* If you have mastered 1) and 2) try lifting both arms and 1 leg at the same time.


3) Top walk-out
Kneel behind the ball. Roll over the ball and walk out using your arms until only feet rest on the ball. If you feel that you cannot maintain neutral spine, walk back so a bigger part of your legs rest on the ball. Hold position. Stop exercise when you can no longer maintain neutral spine.
* As a progression, you can bend at the elbows in press-up.
* As a progression you can use the shoulders and arms to circle the ball.


4) Ball walk-out
Sit on the ball. Pull in your chin and slowly walk away from the ball, rolling your back on the ball. Walk-out until just your shoulders rest on the ball. Hold position. Stop exercise when you can no longer maintain neutral spine.
* Progression: lift 1 leg at a time as in exercise 2).


5) Pelvis lift
Lie on the floor and rest with feet on ball, spread out arms for balance. Slowly lift up pelvis, until feet, knees, hips and shoulders form 1 line. Hold position.
* Progression 1: Bring arms parallel to body or cross arms over chest.
* Progression 2: Curl ball towards bum, by just bending at the knees. Knees, hips and shoulders stay in 1 line.


6) Wall squat with ball
Stand against the wall with the ball in the small of the back. Slightly walk your feet away from the wall. Look straight ahead. Slowly bend knees and roll the ball down the wall, no further than knees are bend 90º. Bottom curls under the ball. Hold position for 10-15 sec and roll ball back up. Repeat. Knee stays above ankle.
* Progression: Lift up 1 leg for single leg wall squat.


Do stretches as normal.


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