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Information for current clients

The latest from me to you.

We have completed the terms in the Colleges and although the weather is still a bit disappointing, the summer holidays have started.


For those who like to continue classes throughout the summer, you can find the schedule by clicking on the "Classes and Schedule" tab or on the link to "Classfinder" on the home page.

In short: All classes that are not part of Adult Education in the Community Colleges with continue throughout the summer. This include the classes at the Bottisham Sports Centre.


And whilst you are relaxing - hopefully at some exotic place - I will be developping the classes for next year! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me an email miranda@thebodylabs.co.uk .


As always, I will divide the year into 3 terms. The term after the summer concentrates on technique (both revision and learning some new techniques). Then we'll take the term starting in January to expand our range of exercises that are supported by the new and improved technique. And during the 3rd term, when the weather gets warmer, we take are warmer and more flexible muscles to new length and strength.

From September, we will focus on the Pilates Principles, on which the whole range of exercises is based, starting with Fluidity. And we will look more closely at breathing during the movements. FlexAware(r) will more and more become part of the build up of the movements.


Please note that at the beginning of the new year in the colleges, paperwork will need completion.  

I am working with the Colleges to send you the forms before the start of the term, for you to complete at home and bring to the first class. I know this means for some of you "keeping it safe, so you cannot forget" - but it is really important to get the forms back to me a.s.a.p.


Thank you all very much for a excellent past year! Feel free to walk-in any class over the summer months.  I don't see you soon - HAVE A GREAT SUMMER and STAY WELL!


For classes in Village Colleges the follow time table applies (with term dates based on 10 weeks):

  • Official term dates are:
    24th Sept - 7th Dec (Autumn)
    14th Jan - 28th Mar (Spring)
    29th Apr - 5th July (Summer)

We have agreed with the Colleges that we will run longer terms, so please note that the first sessions will start in the week of 17 SEPTEMBER 2012.


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