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Aqua Fitness

Playing in the Water

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness

Working out in the water is a great way to exercise! You have all the advantages of working out on land, without some of the disadvantages. You work your muscles really hard, improving your aerobic fitness, with less pressure on your joints. It is also calming and relaxing and most of all Lots of Fun!



Aqua Fitness is for everybody. It does not matter if you have been exercising for ages or if you are new or returning to exercise. Because of the properties of water, most people will feel that they are able to move more freely in the water.


And you do not need to be able to swim. Just stay in the shallow end and close to the edge with handrail until you feel more comfortable. We only ask that if you are not able to swim, you let the instructor know before the start of the class.


If you like to become more confident in the water before joining a class, you can discuss the option of a private session with either the aquafit instructor or with a swimming instructor available at the pool.

Aqua Work-out

Aqua Bottisham

This work-out is a combination of exercises and "exercise-to-music". Part of the class is performed in the more shallow end of the pool and for part of the class there is the option to do the exercises in the deep end.


After the warm-up, some exercises are performed to improve balance, core muscles and working through your full Range of Motion. Then the session moves on to "exercise-to-music"-type exercises. The fun part is that (apart from the instructor), nobody can really see how you are keeping up, so you can really let yourself go and work hard aerobically.


The session ends with a cool-down.

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