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Pilates Class Levels

The levels from the class schedule explained

The Pilates classes are divided into different levels. However, whatever your level, you can find benefit in every class, as long as you follow the instructions to keep you safe.


If you have very specific goals or challenges the description of the levels can help you to find the best match for your needs. It will never match your goals completely, as the instructor will cater for the group as a whole. Before enrolling you may want to consider if joining a group class is the best direction for you. The Bodylabs also offers private sessions, tailored specifically for your need or the needs of your group.


If you decide that joining a class is the right thing for you - we will make sure that we include some fun!


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The different Levels

All the classes are designed to give your the opportunity to work at your own pace and capability. This also means that it is possible to start during the course of the year, provided that there are places available.


The classes are developed around the following levels of increasing difficulty:

  • Beginners
  • Mixed ability
  • Improvers
  • Advanced

Further The Bodylabs offers 2 specialty classes:

  • Pilates for Bad Back
  • Pilates for Men

Beginners course:

Introduction to Pilates, starting with the basic positions. The class aims to improve Range of Motion, flexibility and posture through Pilates based exercises. The class will increasingly implement  the Pilates system principles in exercises and daily activities.

Mixed Ability course:

This class is accessible for both absolute beginners and those who have do Pilates before (either recently or in the past). During this class some new harder exercises will be introduced, but explained in a little more detail for those who are new to Pilates. The class will offer more options to give all participants an opportunity to push themselves. Some of the participants to the Advanced class use these (or beginner) classes as a second class to help them progress the technique quicker.

Improvers course:

Building on the techniques of the beginner/mixed course, we will explore the next level of exercises. Some of the original Pilates exercises will be introduced at a slow pace, further improving body awareness and strength.

Advanced course:

Throughout the year will we build-up to/ follow the original Pilates exercises as developed and sequenced by the master himself.

Bad Backs:

Although people of all backgrounds are welcome in all classes, the exercises for this class are chosen with "Bad Backs" in mind. Exercises will not progress when contra-indicated for this group. During the course, more information will be given to the participants for implementation outside the class.

Pilates for Men:

Pilates originally trained men, having a background as boxer and wrestler himself. And although men are welcome in all the classes, this class is designed for them. It gives us the opportunity to focus a little bit more on the strength exercises and to improve flexibility. Pilates can help support training for a lot of other sports like soccer, rugby, cricket and golf and is now used as part of the training routine by athletes at competing at world level. 

Pre-requisite for each level

The classes are mat based so for all classes to you should be able to get on of off the floor unassisted. There are no age restrictions to the classes, but please keep in mind that the classes fall under "Adult Education" from the age of 16.


If you are new to Pilates, the beginner or mixed ability level is for you. If you have done Yoga, dance or gymnastics before or if you are very fit, you will be able to move on to the next level very quickly, but the start level will give you relevant information about the system to help you progress later on.


The improvers level is suitable for persons with at least 1-2 years of experience.


The advanced level is suitable for persons with a good basic understanding of the Pilates Principles and enjoy challenging themselves a little more. If you are interested in joining this level, we would recommend coming to a trial session before enrolling to make sure the class meets your expectations. Please feel free to discuss this with your Bodylabs instructor.

Focus during the year

Typically a year follows the school term times, starting in September.

TERM 1: The Basics – Introduction & Review of Techniques
TERM 2: Technique further improved
TERM 3: Building on Strength, Flexibility & Stamina


Just Ask

Please remember that what ever class you are in - it is your class!!


If there is something you would like to work on specifically, would like to do more or less of, approach the instructor to discuss this. The flexibility of the Pilates system easy enables the instructor to incorporate whatever it is you are looking for in the class.

 Bodylabs accepts no liability for any inaccuracies on this website 
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