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Pilates by The Bodylabs

Miranda has been teaching Pilates since 2004 and is certified to the level of Advanced Matwork. She teaches at many different venues and different levels. For an overview of these classes, please go to the class schedules.

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There are many different styles of Pilates that have developed over the years. The system enables each instructor to make full use of the experiences accumulated over years of teaching, Pilates and in other fields.

Miranda believes that one of the big results of Pilates is the reconnection between body and mind. Learning how to correctly use muscles for the task at hand and as a result improving both body awareness and posture.

This all may sound very serious, but like with all Bodylabs classes, having fun is important too!

All movements are made in a controlled way, making them suitable for all levels of fitness.
Pilates was developed as an exercise routine for people with postural challenges and those recovering from an injury. Today Pilates is still used for this purpose, especially for people with back problems. However, also persons seeking to improve their posture, general fitness and flexibility benefit from Pilates based exercises. With large focus on core strength and stability is Pilates can further be incorporated in training for a specific sport.


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